Informations for Doctor and Therapist

The OrangePen® is used to:

Pain relief for degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Pain relief for rheumatic diseases and gout

Help with muscle tension in various aetiologies

Fast mobilization after operations

Pain relief for neuropathic pain

Pain relief for visceral pain


1.) Localization of the pain point on the patient and let him/her evaluate the pain on a pain scale of 0-10.

2.) Treat the area for about 3-10 minutes with the green setting (ON/OFF).

3.) Then switch on the blue switch (S). Treat the area generously. After approx. 10 minutes the pain is re-evaluated. Here it can happen that the pain has left the localized point (walking pain). 

4.) Follow the pain and treat it accordingly according to the size of the area.

5.) The pain may already have a different quality and localization for the patient. Have it re-evaluated on the pain scale.

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Possible therapy losses with the OrangePen®

What the OrangePen® offers you

  • Highly effective pain relief
  • A new non-invasive form of therapy for pain relief
  • Painless treatment
  • Local effect
  • Anxious patients and children can be treated non-invasively
  • The following can also be treated for artificial joints
  • Dialysis patients are no longer burdened
  • Patented device
  • Very simple operation
  • Delegable
  • No gel, no goggles, no electrodes stick
  • Hygienically flawless
  • Allergy free
  • Or just another way...




In 2014, the pain therapy device developed by the company P&S medtech UG (hb) - the OrangePen®- was patented. This class 2a medical device, certified in 2016, combines various electrophysical methods, some of which have been used for many years, into a completely new overall picture. You must understand that more detailed information can only be given in a personal conversation. It should be mentioned here, however, that it is not only about a plasma therapy or a plasma therapy device. There are no evidence-based studies that only plasma relieves pain. But plasma has properties that we use. This therapy device can relieve various types of pain in degenerative and inflammatory diseases very quickly and painlessly. But also the effect on neuropathic pain will convince you. The OrangePen® will make your work easier and maximise your success.

Immediate reactions are the rule, not the exception.

Both my clients and I can see this in our everyday practice. In some cases, a reassessment of the pain must be carried out after the first therapy session. The treatment takes place directly at the site of the incident.

                                                                       - ON THE POINT OF PAIN –

But the OrangePen® can do even more. With the already mentioned used plasma we can create a field with which it is possible to work precisely on the pain with a very large penetration depth;

During development, we took care to use only those fields and power sources that could not cause any damage even in continuous use. We even removed the ozone formation, the electrical conductivity and discharge currents. Gels, protective goggles and adhesive electrodes are no longer necessary.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to work with very competent partners. Additional empirical studies showed us the successful practical implementation. 

With this relatively easy to handle device, we are pursuing the goal of establishing a world first and highly effective therapy method in medical and therapeutic practices. If you are looking for effective pain therapy with few side effects, then our portable pain therapy device is the right choice for you. Even though much has been written, make your own picture and test the OrangePen®. This is the only way you can convince yourself of the effect. 

We would like to cooperate with competent physicians, pain therapists, physiotherapists and other medical branches working in the field of pain therapy in order to explore and fully exploit the possibilities of the OrangePen. To inspire you for this new treatment method and to integrate it into your life would be our goal. We would be pleased about your interest.

Pain relief with OrangePen®

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The OrangePen®  was developed for non-invasive pain therapy. Due to its rapid pain relief, this therapy device will make a name for itself especially in sports medicine, because many athletes will want to use a drug-free therapy with effect for themselves.The rapid, painless relief provided by the OrangePen®  enables you to immediately intervene in the pain symptoms, whether during home visits, in the practice or in other suitable places (e.g. in the team cabin). The plasma-supported pain therapy device also shows its extraordinary effect in chronic pain and patients who have been treated completely. Before you start thinking about stronger painkillers, interventional pain therapy or surgery, you should take advantage of the possibilities and the full potential of the OrangePen®  Integrate the OrangePen®  into your therapy concept. Surveys have shown that pain-free therapies are preferred and are being spread further by word of mouth. An investment in the future that you can use.


Unique selling points of the OrangePen®  are its patented technical implementation, the medical effects and the value of the therapeutic benefit in the process of mobile pain therapy. You can use the OrangePen® , but also up to level IV according to the WHO level scheme.


Possible therapy variations with the OrangePen®



After the treatment there is immediate and lasting pain relief.

Final result: pain relief 



After the treatment, a short-term pain increase and distribution of the pain can be felt, which disappears after about 24-48 hours. Afterwards a pain reduction takes place.

Final result: pain relief



Continuous pain relief with a slight regression of the pain, but which does not return to the level of the original pain.

Final result: pain relief



Especially in the case of chronic pain symptoms, it can be observed that a pain worsening occurs at times - to be considered a mixture between points 2. and 3.

Final result: pain relief, aftercare



After a few treatments, the pain is relieved and after a certain period of time, it gets worse again. However, the deterioration does not reach the level of the initial pain. Here the pain is already very great, so that a follow-up treatment will be necessary.

Final result: pain relief, aftercare



The pain relief is only temporary and the pain returns to its original intensity. No further therapy should be given here to keep the costs for the patient low, unless the patient keeps trying and wishes to do so.

End result: little or no pain relief

How long the pain-free interval lasts, and whether the pain returns, depends on the respective cause. Here, the OrangePen® is to be regarded as a medication. In any case, one can hope for longer pain-free intervals, which the patient can increase through activity. Whether and to what extent the patient can save his painkillers and whether the therapy should be combined, is a decision that you as a doctor and therapist have to make. OrangePen® is combinable with all common therapies, but also a independent form of therapy.

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