Patient reports

Back with vertebral anomaly

Back with vertebral anomaly treated with OrangePen®

After the second treatment the pain symptoms improved significantly. After 5 treatments, further occurring pain could be treated sporadically. The first treatment took place in 2012 and the patient had not felt any worsening of the symptoms since then.

Surgery and painkillers are still not required today. Patient has clearly more quality of life.

Years of neck pain

Years of neck pain treated with OrangePen®

Even with chronic diseases something can be moved. Integrate the OrangePen® into a multimodal pain therapy concept. The OrangePen® can be combined with all therapies. Only the use of the OrangePen® has brought the desired success here.

Shin Splints in a young patient

Shin Splints in a young patient treated with OrangePen®

After 5 treatments with the OrangePen®, the pain was a thing of the past. The patient sent me this left picture. For athletes, this alternative therapy is an enrichment in a non-invasive treatment concept.

Metal Implants

Metal Implants treated with OrangePen®

For the OrangePen it is of secondary importance whether there is metal in the body. Only the treatment time must be adapted to the new requirements. Even pacemaker patients have been treated successfully.


Oedema-reducing treated with OrangePen®

An objective effect can clearly be seen here. The edema becomes softer and can be reduced. The physiotherapists were able to determine a significantly better softer tissue.

Back pain with recurrence

Back pain with recurrence treated with OrangePenreg;

The patient came to me because she had had difficult to handle back pain for many years. After a few sessions, these were significantly reduced. Unfortunately, the damage is too great, so that aftercare is necessary from time to time. Patient presents herself approx. every 4-8 weeks.

Sore throat and neck pain

Sore throat and neck pain treated with OrangePen®

The pain was reduced to a tolerable level. Patient presents herself when the pain deteriorates again.

Wound pain successfully treated

Wound pain_treated with OrangePen®

The patient had little or no pain during the complete healing phase. As soon as the pain began, the treatment began. In the beginning 4 times a day, later 3 times a day. The injuries healed without complications. No painkillers were needed.

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Knee pain treatment without effect

Knee pain treatment without effect

The patient has a metal implant. After 2 treatments she broke patient, because she felt only a slight effect. Conclusion: With large amounts of metal the effect is weakened! Here the attempt of a longer treatment should can be carried out.

Hallux ridigus - Arthrosis in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe

Hallux ridigus - Arthrosis in the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe treatments with the OrangePen®

After 3 treatments with the OrangePen® the pain and inflammation have clearly decreased. Mr. H. is now more resilient again.

Skin changes in vasculitides with poor healing

Skin changes in vasculitides with poor healing

These skin changes in vasculitis had been present for several weeks. Here an objective effect is clearly visible. The skin is healing increasingly. The treatment was carried out every other day for 50 minutes.

Arm with restricted mobility

Arm with restricted mobility treated with OrangePen®

Treatment with OrangePen® 3 treatments with short distance.

Pain symptoms and mobility improved significantly.

No recurrence. Patient has more quality of life.